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20 Ways to Celebrate Metcalf Institute’s 20th Anniversary

  1. Bring science into YOUR conversations! Follow environmental issues in the news and engage your friends, family, and neighbors in discussions about them
  1. Improve accurate news coverage of the environment: Encourage a journalist to apply for Metcalf Institute’s 20th Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists
  1. Make a tax-deductible gift to Metcalf Institute’s annual fund
  1. Follow us on Twitter @MetcalfURI and Facebook
  1. Attend a public lecture on a science topic at your local university
  1. Sign up for the monthly e-newsletter and share it with your friends and colleagues
  1. Host a gathering for your friends to help us spread the word about Metcalf Institute’s work
  1. Watch a Metcalf video on our YouTube channel and share your comments
  1. Encourage scientist colleagues to attend a science communication program or reach out to Metcalf Institute to discuss ways to become more effective communicators
  1. Sustain Metcalf Institute training in perpetuity with a contribution to our endowment
  2. Write and opinion piece for your local newspaper
  1. Look for news stories by Metcalf Institute alumni on our website
  1. Spread the word about Metcalf training opportunities for journalists
  1. Include a charitable bequest to Metcalf Institute in your will or living trust
  1. Tune into a live webinar

  2. Support or buy a subscription to a news outlet with an environmental beat
  1. Name Metcalf as a beneficiary of your retirement or life insurance plan
  1. Dig deeper into environmental issues by reviewing the resources in our Virtual Classroom
  1. Help us make new friends! Tell a foundation about Metcalf Institute’s unique training and its impacts
  1. Send our annual report to your friends and colleagues