Metcalf Institute donors’ generous contributions allow us to improve the quality and frequency of environmental news coverage. We gratefully acknowledge the individuals, agencies, and foundations whose donations expand public understanding of science and the environment.

The following donors and funders supported Metcalf Institute in Fiscal Year 2017 (July 2016 – June 2017)

Anonymous fund, The Boston Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Abrams
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ballard
Mr. David Baron
Mr. Benjamin Barth
Ms. Cynthia Becker
Ms. Karen A. Bordeleau
Mr. and Mrs. James Bowers
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Brainard, II
Mr. and Mrs. John Braitmayer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Burnham
Ms. Caitlin Chaffee
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Coolidge, III
Ms. Trudy Coxe and Mr. Jim Gaffney
Mr. Alex Cree
Dr. Meghan F. Cronin
Mr. and Mrs. Murray S. Danforth, III
Ms. Laura Daverio*
Ms. Cornelia Dean
Mrs. Rosa Flores Dee*
Ms. Julia Kumari Drapkin*
Ms. Rachel Ehrenberg*
Mr. Robert Eshelman*
Ms. Ambar Espinoza*
Ms. Rebecca Evans*
Ms. Colleen Fitzpatrick
Ms. Kathie Florsheim*
Dr. Jennifer Francis and Mr. Peter Francis
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Freedberg
Ms. Alixandra Freedberg
Ms. Christy George*
Mr. and Mrs. Elbridge T. Gerry, Jr.
Mr. Zachary Gidwitz
Ms. Gail Ginnetty
Ms. Cailin Goldberg-Meehan
Ms. Lumina Greenway
Ms. Caren Alyse Grown
Ms. Nitzan Haklai
Mr. Daniel Halpren-Ruder
Mr. Christopher Hamblett
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph A. Hempe #
Hera Gallery
Ms. Amanda Hesser
Mr. Joseph C. Hoopes, Jr.
Mr. John I. Howell, Jr.@
Mr. and Mrs. John Howland
Institutional Investor^
Dr. Lloyd Irland
Ms. Mari Jensen*
Mr. Elliott Kennerson*
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kilguss
Ms. Rona Kobell*
Mr. and Mrs. Fraser Lang
Ms. Katharine Larsen
Ms. Jessica Laser
Ms. Madeline Lauria*
Ms. Molly Laverty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leeson, Jr. #
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Little #
Mr. John G. Lord
Mrs. Mary Ann Lord
Ms. Susan Marcus
Ms. Catalina Martinez
Mr. Benjamin McCleary
Ms. Susan D. McGarry
Drs. Ashima and Yashbir Mehta
Ms. Randi Menchel
Mr. and Mrs. Marco Menezes
Dr. Sunshine Menezes
Mrs. Charlotte Metcalf #
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Metcalf, Jr
Ms. Lucy Metcalf @
Mr. Manton B. Metcalf, III
Ms. Teresa D. Metcalf
Ms. Vera M. Metcalf
Ms. Kendall Moore
The Murray Family Charitable Foundation
Mr. John N. Newton
Mr. Paul Coe Nicholson, Jr.
Ms. Meaghan O’Neill*
Mr. Thomas P. Palmer
Ms. Melissa Pamer*
Mr. Herbert Paris
Dr. Kelly Pennell
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peterson
Ms. Molly Peterson*
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Philbrick
Dr. Michael E.Q. Pilson
Ms. Tiffany Poppa
Mr. Paul Rabinowitz
Ms. Rayna R. Rapp
Mr. Pedro Rivas
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson W. Robinson
Dr. Rebecca Robinson and Mr. Dennis Graham
The Rev. and Mrs. Hays H. Rockwell
Drs. Tatiana Rynearson* and Susanne Menden-Deuer *
Mr. Rich Salit*
Mr. William G. Saltonstall
Ms. Peggy Scheller
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schleifstein*
Mr. Erik W. Schwartz*
Ms. Barinetta Scott
Ms. Elizabeth J. Scott
Mr. Robert B. Semple, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sharpe, Jr.
Ms. Sarah Sharpe
The Sharpe Family Foundation
Ms. Louise Sheldon
Ms. Annie Sherman Luke*
Ms. Kate Siber*
Ms. Holly Smith
Mr. Matthew Smith*
Ms. Virginia Soutter
Mr. Henry B. Spencer
Mr. Daniel Sprague
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Stone
Ms. Wendy V. Stone
Dr. Cynthia Suchman
Mr. Peter Thomson* and Ms. Edith Buhs
Mr. and Mrs. W. Nicholas Thorndike
Ms. Pamela M. Thye#
Dr. Peter Trafton
Ms. Ellen Tuchman
Ms. Amelia Urry*
Ms. Chelsea Wald*
Ms. Maggie B. Winter
Ms. Barbara J. Wong
Ms. Christine Woodside* and Mr. Nat Eddy
Mr. Ken Worzel
Mr. Dominick Yanchunas*
Ms. Chenyu ZhengTribute Gifts in Honor of
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Cryan
Mr. George Lord & Family
Mr. John G. Lord
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Leeson, Jr.
Ms. Rosamund Palmer
Ms. Ann Rabuse
Mrs. Manuela Zoninsein* & Mr. Andy Dunn

* Metcalf Institute alumni
@ Michael P. Metcalf Institute Endowment Fund
# Metcalf Institute Annual Fund and Endowment Fund
^ Matching gift

Metcalf Institute FY2017 programs and operating costs were supported by the following funders:

Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations
Grantham Foundation for Protection of the Environment
Island Foundation
Materials Research Society
National Science Foundation
Rhode Island NSF Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research
URI Office of Marine Programs
URI College of Environment and Life Sciences

In-kind support was provided by:
Society of Environmental Journalists
URI Graduate School of Oceanography