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Advisory Board Bio: Jennifer Francis

francis thumbJennifer Francis is a senior scientist at Woods Hole Research Center where her research is focused on the rapidly changing Arctic: why it’s happening, how changes are affecting the Arctic system, and how disproportionate warming there is affecting temperate regions on Earth.

From 1994 to 2018,  Francis was a research professor with the Rutgers Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences and studies Arctic climate change and Arctic-global climate linkages, with roughly 40 peer-reviewed publications on these topics.  She taught courses in satellite remote sensing and climate-change issues and co-founded and co-directed the Rutgers Climate and Environmental Change Initiative. During the 13 months from July 2009-July 2010, her family of four spent a year sailing through Central America. She and her husband circumnavigated the world in a sailboat from 1980-1985, including Cape Horn and the Arctic, which is when she first became interested in Arctic weather and climate.

Francis is widely respected as a leading expert on the connection between extreme weather and melting Arctic sea ice. She has been interviewed for numerous news organizations including NBC, The New York Times, National Geographic, National Public Radio, and The Washington Post. Climate Progress called her “one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between climate change and extreme weather.”

Francis earned a B.S. in meteorology from San Jose State University and a Ph.D. in atmospheric sciences from the University of Washington.