Annual Lecture Series 2000

June 26-30, 2000

Iron Fertilization of the Ocean
Dr. Sallie Chisholm, Professor, MIT
The Change in the Weather
William K. Stevens, Science Writer, New York Times
The Columbia River: A River Lost
Blaine Harden, Metro and Foreign Reporter, New York Times Magazine
Private Rights and the Collective Good
Moderator: Cory Dean, Science Editor, New York Times
Panelists: Scott Allen, environmental reporter, Boston Globe; Dr. James McCarthy, Harvard; Dennis Nixon, Professor, University of Rhode Island; Dr. Rutherford Platt, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; and Andy Revkin, environmental writer, New York Times
The Environmental Climate in American Science Funding
Dr. Margaret Leinen, assistant director for the Geosciences Directorate, NSF
Works from Nature
Environmental Art Exhibit, The Virginia Lynch Gallery and the Metcalf Institute and lecture by Richard Fleischner, Sculptor

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