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New URI Partnership to Expand and Strengthen Metcalf Institute

Metcalf Institute Wraps Up Successful Successful Workshop & Lecture Series

Metcalf Celebrates 20 Years of Bringing Science to the Conversation at Annual Public Lecture Series
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Reporting by Metcalf Alumni

Want to Fight Climate Change? Have Fewer Kids

Philadelphia’s Building Boom Gives Rise to Another Hidden Lead Risk

Your Chocolate Might Have Survived This Fungus in Ecuador

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Reflecting on Metcalf Experiences

“The Metcalf Institute moves beyond power-point presentations to hands-on learning. The program is rigorous, non-stop and exciting, it’s like getting a B.S. in a week.” – Bradley Campbell, PRI’s the World

“It was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life.” – Jeff Mosier, Dallas Morning News

“I came to Metcalf and learned step-by-step how to interpret and find the news in scientific data.”
Jennifer Kay, Associated Press

CCSJ 2014 Great Lakes

Metcalf Alumni in the Spotlight

Researching, educating, and communicating with others about nutrition is more than a profession—it is a moral obligation for Noereem Mena. Seeing one of her family members struggle with type 2 diabetes motivated the doctoral candidate to study food science at the University of Rhode Island, and continues to inspire her to communicate her research to diverse public audiences.

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