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“The Metcalf Institute moves beyond power-point presentations to hands-on learning.
The program is rigorous, non-stop and exciting, it’s like getting a B.S. in a week.”

– Bradley Campbell, PRI’s the World

Fisheries Trawl 2017

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Climate Change and the News Webinar: What’s New in the New U.S. Climate Science Special Report?

Public Lecture: Exploring the Inner Lives of Animals

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“It was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life.”
– Jeff Mosier, Dallas Morning News

Metcalf Alumni Reporting

“I came to Metcalf and learned step-by-step how to interpret and find the news in scientific data.”
– Jennifer Kay, Associated Press

17.12.13 - Gabriela

Spotlight on Metcalf Alumni

Gabriela Teissier spoke in a hoarse voice several days after reporting on more than seven extensive wildfires, the most destructive that Southern California has seen in recent history. They ravaged over more than 231,000 acres in early December 2017. Teissier is a news and weather anchor for Univision, a Spanish-language television network.

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