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“The Metcalf Institute moves beyond power-point presentations to hands-on learning.
The program is rigorous, non-stop and exciting, it’s like getting a B.S. in a week.”

– Bradley Campbell, PRI’s the World

Fisheries Trawl 2017

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Public Lecture: Exploring the Inner Lives of Animals

Metcalf Marks 20th Anniversary with 20 Exciting Programs

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“It was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life.”
– Jeff Mosier, Dallas Morning News

Metcalf Alumni Reporting

“I came to Metcalf and learned step-by-step how to interpret and find the news in scientific data.”
– Jennifer Kay, Associated Press

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Spotlight on Metcalf Alumni

When Jeff Mosier plunged into his new environmental beat at The Dallas Morning News, he had 23-solid years of reporting under his belt. But even a veteran journalist can feel “a little lost” in new territory.  That’s when his editor encouraged him to apply for a Metcalf fellowship. “She said ‘it sounds perfect for you, but you have to jump on it because the deadline is coming up.’”

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