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Metcalf Celebrates 20 Years of Bringing Science to the Conversation at Annual Public Lecture Series

10 Journalists Awarded Metcalf Institute Fellowships

SciComm Participants Ready to Engage Decision Makers
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Reporting by Metcalf Alumni

Why Instagram is This Journalist’s Favorite Tool?

Rick Perry Denies Climate Change Role of CO2

Trump-era Climate Resistance, From a Beachside in Rhode Island

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Reflecting on Metcalf Experiences

“The Metcalf Institute moves beyond power-point presentations to hands-on learning. The program is rigorous, non-stop and exciting, it’s like getting a B.S. in a week.” – Bradley Campbell, PRI’s the World

“It was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life.” – Jeff Mosier, Dallas Morning News

“I came to Metcalf and learned step-by-step how to interpret and find the news in scientific data.”
Jennifer Kay, Associated Press

CCSJ 2014 Great Lakes

Metcalf Alumni in the Spotlight

Journalist Robert S. Eshelman is looking forward to diving back into one of the most important environmental beats of our time: climate change. “That story will evolve over the rest of my lifetime and it poses the greatest existential threat to all human kind.”

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