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“The Metcalf Institute moves beyond power-point presentations to hands-on learning.
The program is rigorous, non-stop and exciting, it’s like getting a B.S. in a week.”

– Bradley Campbell, PRI’s the World

Fisheries Trawl 2017

Recent Announcements

Ten Journalists Awarded Fellowships for Metcalf’s 20th Annual Science Immersion Workshop

22 Finalists Selected for Metcalf Institute’s Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists

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“It was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life.”
– Jeff Mosier, Dallas Morning News

Metcalf Alumni Reporting

“I came to Metcalf and learned step-by-step how
to interpret andfind the news in scientific data.”

– Jennifer Kay, Associated Press

Jacqueline Ronson 300x200

Spotlight on Metcalf Alumni

Jacqueline Ronson pitches story ideas to an unlikely group of people – not to her editors, but to her audience. “It’s different from the traditional reporting process where you want a big scoop, so you don’t tell anyone what you’ve been working on,” said Ronson, a fellow at The Discourse, an independent journalism company in British Columbia that seeks new approaches to storytelling. One such approach gives the community a say in what stories get covered. “It’s the most exciting thing that I’m doing right now.”

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