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Documentary Film Screening: The Human Face of Lead Poisoning
URI Coastal Institute in Kingston, Weaver Auditorium
October 20, 2017

Public Lecture: Making Sense of Science w/Former NYT Science Editor Cornelia Dean
The Providence Athenaeum
Providence, RI
November 3, 2017

Public Lecture: Stories From the Living World
URI Coastal Institute in Kingston, Weaver Auditorium
November 14, 2017

20th Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists
URI Graduate School of Oceanography
June 10-15, 2018

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About Metcalf Institute Training

Metcalf Institute seminars, workshops, webinars, and resources prepare journalists and scientists to communicate environmental news with greater clarity and accuracy. Metcalf training gives journalists from all backgrounds and beats an introduction to the science underlying environmental issues. The Institute also helps scientists engage broader audiences through programs customized for the needs of faculty, graduate students, or outreach staff, to build skills and confidence in communicating with the press and the public.

Science Seminars for Journalists
Metcalf’s Science Seminars for Journalists are held at URI and around the country on pressing environmental topics, including climate change, coastal pollution and marine biodiversity. Read more

Metcalf Institute webinars feature leading researchers and policy makers in a variety of fields to help journalists and news consumers make sense of complex science and environment issues. Read more

Peter B. Lord Seminars on the Environment
The Peter B. Lord Seminars for southern New England journalists help journalists better understand critically important environmental issues by enhancing their understanding of the science behind the stories they cover. Read more

Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists
The Annual Science Immersion Workshop is a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience designed to give journalists opportunities to explore and understand the impacts of global change in coastal ecosystems at ¬†the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography. Read more

Communications Training for Researchers and Other Science Communicators
Effective communication about the significance of scientific findings is essential to increasing public support for research and engaging citizens in environmental issues. Read more

Training Programs at Journalism and Science Conferences
Metcalf Institute works with partner organizations to develop specialized training programs at professional conferences for both journalists and scientists. Programs range from panels and seminars on relevant scientific topics for journalists to interactive communication training sessions designed to help researchers strengthen their communication skills. Read more

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