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Public Lecture: Exploring the Inner Lives of Animals

November 14, 2017
5:30 p.m.
Weaver Auditorium
URI Coastal Institute
1 Greenhouse Road
Kingston, RI 02881

Brandon Keim photo1Brandon Keim, author of the newly published book, The Eye of the Sandpiper, discussed his book before a packed audience at URI’S Weaver Auditorium.

Keim’s presentation of The presentation was part of Metcalf Institute’s 20th anniversary celebration.

Keim’s multimedia presentation explored the intersection of animal intelligence and human society focusing on emerging scientific research on animal inner life: self-awareness, empathy, love, language, morality, culture and community.

Brandon Keim book coverKeim says these properties are found not just in creatures already recognized as brainy, but all around us, from snapping turtles to chickadees and squirrels. From there, discussion will turn to what people are doing with this newfound understanding: challenging old habits of our own minds, reforming pest control and wildlife management, calling for legal recognition of animal personhood and even animal political representation — and simply delighting in a world of intelligence, only some of which is human.

Ed Yong of The Atlantic described Keim as “one of our finest chroniclers of nature. His beautiful writing radiates with his deep love for the world around us and the creatures we share it with.” Read other reviews here.

Keim, a Metcalf Institute alumni, is also the author of National Geographic’s Inside Animal Minds: What They Think, Feel, And Know.

The lecture was be followed by a signing. Refreshments will be served.

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