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Inclusive SciComm: A Symposium on Advancing Inclusive Public Engagement with Science

September 28 – 29, 2018
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI

Photo Credit: Linh Do (Photo cropped) License: Creative Commons

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We live in a time of contradictions. We are surrounded by conflicting information yet attracted to perspectives that confirm our own views. We have achieved astounding scientific understanding yet struggle to implement policies that reflect scientific and socioeconomic realities. We live in a multicultural society, yet we often view one another through one-dimensional, rather than intersectional, lenses. These contradictions highlight the urgency of inclusive approaches to science communication that engage diverse public audiences in ways that acknowledge and respect their perspectives and contributions. To make science more accessible and relevant, science communication and public engagement researchers and practitioners need to prioritize inclusion, intersectionality, and community knowledge in their work.

Hosted by the University of Rhode Island’s Metcalf Institute in partnership with the Rhode Island Consortium for Coastal Ecology Assessment, Innovation, and Modeling, the symposium will address four themes central to advancing the national conversation on inclusive public engagement: frameworks, challenges, media, and strategies.

Who should attend?

Science communication practitioners, trainers, and scholars from non-profit, public, and private sectors; informal science education professionals; university and K-12 educators, staff, and administrators; undergraduate and graduate students; EPSCoR staff and NSF EPSCoR program officers; journalists; bloggers.

Scicomm Symposium details and registration here.





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