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Webinar: America’s Aging Infrastructure in the Face of Climate Change

July 9, 2018
1–1:30 p.m. ET


Photo credit: U.S. Navy

The U.S. infrastructure system as a whole received a D+ by the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2017. Age and an inability to meet current and future demands drove this poor grade. Climate change and more frequent and intense extreme weather events will only exacerbate this situation.

How can we identify roads, bridges, airports and other infrastructure systems most at risk and make the case for investment in these critical systems?

Janey Smith Camp, Vanderbilt Engineering Center for Transportation and Operational Resiliency, will discuss how climate science and a suite of publicly available tools are being used to assess the risks and develop strategies for adaptation of infrastructure systems to build community resilience.

Click here to view the webinar on July 9, 2018 at 1 p.m. ET.

Janey Camp, PhD, PE, GISP, CFM, is a Research Associate Professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering at Vanderbilt University. Camp’s research and consulting work involves using tools such as GIS mapping to address today’s challenges related to infrastructure and transform the results into information and tools to help inform the public and decision makers.  The projects she’s led or been heavily involved in have a key focus on investigating the risks and impacts of natural hazards on transportation and water infrastructure systems. Project funders include the Tennessee Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. Camp’s work has resulted in numerous journal publications, multiple conference presentations, and has led to her serving on local to national engineering boards and committees. She is the recipient of the 2011 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Tennessee Section Young Engineer of the Year Award and the 2012 ASCE Citizen Engineer Award. Camp is past president of the Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers and has served on the ASCE National Committee on America’s Infrastructure assisting with the both the 2013 and 2017 Infrastructure Report Cards.

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