Summary on Progress on Metcalf’s 2020-2023 Strategic Plan

Metcalf Institute’s Strategic Goals

  • Collaborate with URI administrators, faculty, staff, and students to position the university as a national leader in science communication.
  • Engage new audiences and partners to expand effective, inclusive communication and action on urgent environmental issues.
  • Diversify revenue streams to build capacity for greater impact.

In our effort to ensuire Metcalf Institute’s activities are aligned with our mission, in 2022 we carefully evaluated our work against our strategic plan and goals. We evaluated and coded each program, event, Advisory Board and project meeting to identify the ways that we have trained, engaged, collaborated, promoted, connected, leveraged and built toward broad, inclusive and effective science communication. As a result of this internal review, we determined that all of our activities did, in one or more ways, achieve each of our strategic goals and support our overall mission.

Through the relationships we have cultivated, we’re also grateful to have secured record levels of support for our programs and initiatives. Our commitment to making science and science communication accessible and inclusive has yielded innovations in program design and implementation. We also found that our work elevated the value of science communication in STEMM within URI and across U.S. institutions through speaking engagements and administrative innovation. Ultimately, 2022 has been a critical year of laying groundwork for new strategic goals that will further the effectiveness of stakeholder support and Metcalf’s impact as a whole.