2023 Supporters

Fiscal Supporters

Metcalf Institute’s programs operate thanks to the generous philanthropic support of individuals and organizations. We thank the generous donors, funders & sponsors who supported Metcalf Institute in Fiscal Year 2023 (July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023). In addition to those acknowledged below, we are also grateful to our anonymous supporters.


Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Abrams

Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Baker, Jr.

Mr. Frank W. Baker, Jr.

Mr. David Baron

Beacon Communications

Dr. Austin Becker and Ms. Molly Birnbaum

Ms. Judy A. Benson+

Mr. Karlo Blumenschein Berger

Mr. Arthur Berndt

Mr. David Boardman

Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bowen

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Brainard, II

Mr. and Mrs. Carleton Burr, Jr.

Ms. Elizabeth Chace 

Ms. Caitlin Chaffee

Ms. Margaret Cheney

Mr. Matthew Chin+

Mr. Russ Choma+

Mr. Charles A. Coolidge, III

Ms. Trudy Coxe and Mr. Jim Gaffney

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Cryan

Mr. and Mrs. Murray S. Danforth, III

Mr. Larry Davey+

Ms. Cornelia Dean

Ms. Raquel Dillon+

Ms. Alexa Elliott+

Ms. Ambar Espinoza+

FM Global^

Dr. Jennifer and Mr. Peter Francis

Mr. Rick Gaffney+

Ms. Gail Ginnetty

Ms. Caroline Goddard@

Ms. Isabel Goff

Mr. Donald E. Graham

Ms. Nina Gregory

Mr. Wilfred Guerin

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hamblett

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Handy

Mr. Rudi Hempe

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation^

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Hickox

Higgins Family Foundation

Mrs. Mary D. Higgins

Ms. Phoebe Wall Howard+

Mr. John I. Howell, Jr.

Dr. Bethany D. Jenkins+

Ms. Mari N. Jensen+

Dr. Kenneth Kemp

Ms. Caitlyn Kim+

Mr. Shaun Kirby+

Mr. Steve Krueger+

Mr. and Mrs. Fraser A. Lang

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leeson, Jr.

Ms. Michelle Lee+

Ms. Jori Lewis+

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Little

Mr. George H. Lord

Mr. James Lord and family

Mr. John Garnet Lord

Ms. Kathryn Lord and family

Mrs. Mary Ann Lord
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Lord, Jr.

Mr. Daniel Lovering+

Ms. Susan Marcus

Ms. Catalina Martinez and Mr. James Roche

Ms. Katharine McDuffie

Mr. Alan McGowan

Mr. and Mrs. Marco Menezes

Dr. Sunshine Menezes

Ms. Josie Merck

Mrs. Charlotte S. Metcalf

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Metcalf, Jr.

Ms. Teresa D. Metcalf

Mr. and Mrs. Russ Milham

Dr. and Mrs. Victor Mizrahi

Murray Family Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. J. Terrence Murray

Mrs. Marylu Nadeau

Ms. Alanna Nelson and Mr. Mourad Chaouch

Ms. Ngoc Dinh Nguyen+

Ms. Dane A. Nichols

Ms. Meaghan O’Neill+

Dr. C. Brandon Ogbunu

Dr. Michael Oppenheimer

Mr. Thomas P. Palmer

Ms. Melissa Pamer+

Ms. Molly Peterson+

Dr. Nancy Rabalais

Ms. Stephanie Raia

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Richardson@

Drs. Henry and Jan Rines

Dr. Rebecca Robinson and Mr. Dennis Graham

Mr. Jackson W. Robinson#

Dr. Tatiana Rynearson+ and Dr. Susanne Menden-Deuer+

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Saltonstall

Ms. Molly Samuel+

Mr. Ricardo Sandoval-Palos

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schleifstein+

Ms. Julia Scott+

Sharpe Family Foundation

Ms. Peggy Boyd Sharpe@

Ms. Sarah A. Sharpe

Ms. Kate Sheppard+

Ms. Annie Sherman+ and Mr. Derek Luke

Ms. Kate Siber+

Mr. Alan Silverman and Dr. Bonnie Epstein Silverman

Dr. and Mrs. Ian Silversmith

Mr. Matthew Smith+

Drs. Peter and Amy Snyder

Ms. Jeniffer Solis+

Mr. E. W. Stetson, III 

Ms. Meera Subramanian+

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Swain

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Taft, IV

The Prospect Hill Foundation@

Ms. Louise H. Thorson

Mrs. Pamela M. Thye

Dr. and Mrs. Peter Trafton

Ms. Bina Venkataraman+

Dr. D. Randolph Watts and Dr. Barbara K. Sullivan-Watts

Ms. Deborah E. Wiley

Ms. Meaghan K. Wims+

Mr. M. Wistar Wood

Ms. Christine G. Woodside+ and Mr. Nathaniel B. T. Eddy

Ms. Constance Worthington and Mr. Terry Tullis

Ms. Elizabeth G. Wylie

Mr. Dominick Yanchunas+

Ms. Manuela Zoninsein+ and Mr. Andy Dunn

Tribute gifts in honor of

Dr. Jennifer and Mr. Peter Francis

Ms. Nina Gregory

Ms. Margaret Hayden

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leeson, Jr.

Ms. Katharine McDuffie

Ms. Phoebe Neel

Dr. Sunshine Menezes

Tribute gifts in memory of

Mr. Peter B. Lord

Mr. Michael P. Metcalf

+ Metcalf Institute alumni 

@ Gift to Michael P. Metcalf Institute Endowment Fund

# Gifts to RhodyNow: Metcalf Institute (immediate-use fund) and the Metcalf Institute Endowment Fund
^ Matching gift 

Gifts to the Metcalf Institute Impact Accelerator Fund


Dr. and Mrs. James A. Yoder

Gifts to the Metcalf Institute Fund for the Advancement of External Collaborations 

Mrs. Charlotte S. Metcalf

Funders & Sponsors

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

National Science Foundation*

Rhode Island NSF Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research*

Rita Allen Foundation

The Kavli Foundation

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Simons Foundation

*Metcalf Institute FY23 programs supported by The National Science Foundation under award number DRL-2115971 & under EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Award OIA-1655221. Any opinions, findings, & conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) & do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.