Why Support Metcalf Institute?

At Metcalf Institute, we’re meeting this need by building an international community of journalists who know how to dig into the research on environmental challenges and solutions. We’re also giving researchers and other science communicators the skills and confidence to engage diverse public audiences in conversations about science and the environment. 

Here’s what some alumni have to say about their Metcalf training.

Kayla Kurtz, URI Environmental Engineering PhD candidate

“For scientists, communication can be the best tool and the biggest challenge. Scientists and engineers don’t often receive formal science communication training, which limits our ability to educate and learn from non-scientists. Metcalf training gave me the tools to make a larger impact during presentations, meetings, and informal discussions with public audiences.”

Rosanna Xia, Los Angeles Times and Pulitzer Prize Finalist

“I found the training at Metcalf to be super helpful when I first started my beat, and I’m forever grateful for everything that I learned that week.”

Kyle Bagenstose, USA Today Network

“I have a better understanding of how to navigate scientific papers and relationships with scientists, and how to report on the climate.”

Tegan Wendland, New Orleans Public Radio

“I didn’t know how much I didn’t know! From reviewing the basics of climate science to learning about the uncertainty of hurricane prediction models – Metcalf has greatly enhanced my ability to break down complex issues for my audience.”