2021 Metcalf Institute Training and Public Events

Career Development Program Winter Intensive
January 14-15, 2021
Groundwork for Inclusive Mentoring in Research Settings
Bryan Dewsbury, associate professor, URI Biological Sciences; Michelle Fontes, assistant dean, URI Diversity, Retention, and Student Success Initiative; Samantha Meenach, associate professor, URI Chemical Engineering 
Job Readiness for Career Success
Cara Mitnick, director, Professional Development URI Graduate School; Peg Lamere, senior recruiter, Toray Plastics Human Resource
Research Grant Proposals 101
Christopher Lane, professor, URI Biological Sciences; Geoffrey Bothun, professor, URI Engineering, principal investigator, RI C-AIM 

Racism, Climate Change, and COVID-19
January 29, 2021
Sacoby Wilson, associate professor, University of Maryland

Inclusive Science Communication Workshop: Strategies and Tools for Incorporating Inclusive Science Communication in Research
March 13, 2021
Sunshine Menezes, executive director, URI Metcalf Institute

Master Gardener Core Training: Inclusive Community Engagement
March 17, 2021
Sunshine Menezes, executive director, URI Metcalf Institute

Developing a Great Soundbite Talk
March 26, 2021
Sunshine Menezes, executive director, URI Metcalf Institute

The Future of Immersive Storytelling
March 29, 2021
Anthony Geffen, CEO and creative director, Atlantic Productions
co-hosted with the URI Graduate School of Oceanography

The Leeson Lecture: Climate Change and the Way Forward
April 20, 2021
Jody Freeman, Archibald Cox Professor of Law, director of the Environmental and Energy Law Program, Harvard University

Metcalf Institute 23rd Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists
May 24-June 11, 2021
Building Blocks of Scientific Knowledge
Jose Amador, professor, URI Natural Resources Science; Tatiana Rynearson, professor, URI Graduate School of Oceanography 
Localizing and Humanizing Climate Change Stories: A Primer on Reporting Climate Justice
Linda Jue, editor-at-large, 100 Reporters; Ngoc Nguyen, ethnic media editor, Kaiser Health News, California Healthline; Ricardo Sandoval-Palos, public editor, PBS
Science Translation 1: Graphing for Communication of Complex Data
Samantha Setta, PhD Student, URI Graduate School of Oceanography; Isabel Dove, PhD Student, URI Graduate School of Oceanography; Anna Schrecengost, PhD Student, URI Graduate School of Oceanography; Colette Soulier, Master’s Student, URI Department of Marine Affairs 
Social Science Methods and Climate-Related Applications
David Bidwell, associate professor, URI Department of Marine Affairs; Carlos Garcia-Quijano, associate professor, URI Department of Sociology and Anthropology; Emi Uchida, associate professor, URI Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics 
Science Translation 2: Introduction to Statistics and Probabilities
Susanne Menden-Deuer, professor, URI Graduate School of Oceanography 
Using Scientific Data in Climate Change Stories
Emily Eng, graphic editor, The Seattle Times; Maurice Tamman, reporter/editor, Thomson Reuters  
Science Translation 3: Deconstructing A Scientific Publication
Science Translation 4: Telling the Research Story
Alissa Cox, clinical assistant professor, URI Natural Resources Science; Asta Habtemichael, PhD student, URI Department of Marine Affairs; Afonso Goncalves Neto, post-doctoral researcher, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina; Nyla Husain, post-doctoral researcher, URI Graduate School of Oceanography; Kelton McMahon, assistant professor, URI Graduate School of Oceanography; Soni Pradhanang, associate professor, URI Department of Geosciences; Sonia Refulio Coronado, PhD student, URI Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics; David Smith, professor and associate dean, URI Graduate School of Oceanography 
Introduction to Climate Change Science
Rebecca Robinson, professor, URI Graduate School of Oceanography 
Managing Uncertainties in Climate Models and Projections
Michael Oppenheimer, professor, Princeton University  
Framing for Climate Change Reporting 
Emily Diamond, assistant professor, URI Departments of Communication Studies and Marine Affairs
Sea Level Rise and Coastal Resilience Retreat 
Jola Ajibade, assistant professor, Portland State University; Andra Garner, professor and founding chair, Rowan University; Kelsey Leonard, assistant professor, University of Waterloo
Extreme Weather and Climate Change Attribution
Stephanie Herring, climate scientist, NOAA Center for Environment Information; Jonathan T. Overpeck, professor, University of Michigan; Julia Kumari Drapkin, founder and CEO, iSeeChange
Infrastructure Adaptations for Climate Justice
Akira Drake Rodriguez, professor, University of Pennsylvania; Anna Rondon, executive director, New Mexico Social Justice & Equity Institute; Miriam Solis, assistant professor, University of Texas
Climate Change and Public Health
Aaron Bernstein, interim director and professor, The Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment, Harvard University, pediatrician, Boston Children’s Hospital; Jannelle Couret, assistant professor, URI Biological Sciences; Regan Patterson, transportation equity research fellow, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change
William Cheung, professor, University of British Columbia; Vanessa Garcia Polanco, interim federal policy director, National Young Farmers Coalition 
Integrating Science and Climate Justice 
Kendall Moore, professor, URI Harrington School of Communication and Film Media Studies

Strategies for Effective and Inclusive Mentorship
June 4, 2021
Valerie Sloan, director of the GEO REU Network at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research; Rebecca Batchelor, co-lead of the GEO REU Network and Education and Outreach Associate at the University of Colorado, Boulder

24th Annual Public Lecture Series
June 14-18, 2021 
Sustainable Water Systems
Newsha Ajami, director, Urban Water Policy, Stanford University 
Covering Climate Justice
Vann Newkirk, senior editor, The Atlantic
The Leeson Lecture: The Fight for Climate Change After COVID-19
Alice C. Hill, David M. Rubenstein Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations
Climate Change From the Streets
Michael Méndez, assistant professor, University of California, Irvine 
An Integrated Approach to Energy Justice
Adenike Adeyeye, Western States manager, senior analyst, Union of Concerned Scientists; Dominic Bednar, research assistant, University of Michigan; Aaron Ng, program analyst, U.S. Department of Energy 

Career Development Program Summer Intensive
July 22-23, 2021
Practical Tools for Inclusive Research and Workplace Environments
Chloe Poston, professional development coach, Dartmouth University
Harnessing Social Media for Science Communication
Christine Liu, PhD candidate, University of California Berkeley, and co-founder, Two Photon Art
Data Visualization for Public Audiences: A Panel Discussion
Tayla ten Brink, geospatial specialist, NOAA; Michael Starobin, senior producer, NASA; Jonathan Schwabish, senior fellow, Urban Institute 
Immersive Visual Storytelling Strategies and Techniques
Sonia Narang, independent multimedia journalist

Inclusive SciComm Symposium
October 8 and October 14-16, 2021
Full agenda here.
Two keynote lectures:
Research, Communication, and Land Relations
Max Liboiron, associate professor of geography, Memorial University
How Inclusive Science Communication Builds and Keeps Public Trust
Jessica Malaty Rivera, disease epidemiologist and science communicator, The Atlantic and Rockefeller Foundation 

Science Seminar for Journalists: The Story Behind Marine Heat Waves
November 5 and 12, 2021
Why Do Marine Heat Waves Happen? 
Dillon Amaya, research physical scientist, NOAA
Marine Heat Waves Around the World: Impacts and Consequences
Regina Rodrigues, professor, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina; Katherine Mills, research scientist, Gulf of Maine Research Institute; Sam Walkes, PhD student, Stanford University
The Future of Marine Heat Waves: The State of Forecasting 
Hillary Scannell, postdoctoral research scientist, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; Sofia Darmaraki, postdoctoral fellow, Dalhousie University; Tatiana Rynearson, professor, URI Graduate School of Oceanography

Two Sides of the Climate Coin: Sea Level Rise and Extreme Weather
December 8, 2021
Frank Carini, editor, EcoRI, moderator; Elder Gonzalez-Trejo, sustainability policy associate, City of Providence, RI; Kate Michaud, town manager, Warren, RI; Jon Nelson, professor, Institute at Brown for Environment and Society, Brown University