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The experiences gained at Metcalf are invaluable – I’ve been able to connect and build relationships with journalists and experts in science who’ve shared their knowledge and new and innovative ways to decipher science and research. I plan to use my new resources and motivation in relating climate change issues that are not covered in general news to a global TV audience.  –– Ginger Vaughn, CCTV Americas

Alumni Profiles

  • Ezra David Romero - Environment reporter Ezra David Romero understands the struggles of those disproportionately impacted by climate change. “I grew up in a poor, marginalized community in Northern California’s Central Valley,” says Romero.
  • Emily Atkin - Climate change creates a sense of urgency and uncertainty for many. But for climate journalist Emily Atkin, her frustration over the response to the crisis speaks to another emotion: anger. “Anger about the inaction and injustices behind this crisis is a key emotion in fighting the major forces that have been preventing climate action for […]
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Alumni Reporting

A Highly Contagious and Lethal Bird Flu Strain is Spreading Across Parts of the U.S.
Katie Peikes, NPR, March 23, 2022

UN Climate Report Urges World To Adapt Now, Or Suffer Later
Jake Spring, Reuters, February 28, 2022

Supreme Court Will Hear Biggest Climate Change Case in a Decade
Coral Davenport, The New York Times, February 27, 2022

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