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Global Shipping and the Climate Challenge

March 22, 2018 Weaver Auditorium URI Coastal Institute 1 Greenhouse Road Kingston, RI Approximately 80-percent of world trade is carried by sea – everything from the cars we drive and the food we eat to the televisions in our homes. But this form of transportation is a major contributor to the greenhouse gas emissions that… [ Continue Reading ]

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Spotlight on Metcalf Institute Alumni: Jess Hirsch

Jesse Hirsch has worn several hats over the years – restaurant critic, agricultural reporter, and food journalist. An alumnus of Metcalf Institute’s 2014 Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists and an investigative food editor for Consumer Reports, Hirsch “sits at the intersection of food, science and journalism.” “For a while I resisted being called a… [ Continue Reading ]

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Webinars on Climate Science and Policy

Metcalf Institute webinars feature leading scientists, policy makers, and communicators in a variety of fields to help news consumers make sense of complex science and environment issues.  The seminars are archived on Metcalf Institute’s YouTube channel. Metcalf Institute webinars are part of our Climate Change and the News Initiative, developed to assist journalists in covering… [ Continue Reading ]