Webinar: America’s Aging Infrastructure in the Face of Climate Change

July 9, 2018 1–1:30 p.m. ET The U.S. infrastructure system as a whole received a D+ by the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2017. This was largely due to aging conditions and limited capacity.  Climate change and more frequent and intense extreme weather events will only exacerbate this situation. How can we identify roads,… [ Continue Reading ]

Science Communication Workshop for RI C-AIM Partners: Framing Your Message for Engagement and Collaboration

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill for scientists and engineers who seek to collaborate across disciplines and engage non-expert audiences. Metcalf Institute will hold a science communication workshop to help members of the Rhode Island Consortium for Coastal Ecology Assessment Innovation and Modeling (C-AIM) clearly communicate their research by providing the tools… [ Continue Reading ]

Resources for Journalists and Scientists

    You’re a reporter covering the latest wildfire, oil spill, or zoning meeting and you’re seeking a better understanding of the science underlying the story your writing.  But it’s crunch time, and you need the information right away. Or maybe you’re a scientist preparing for a presentation, and you need quick access to effective… [ Continue Reading ]