2023 Annual Report

This year, we marked a quarter-century of Metcalf training. We’re celebrating with more initiatives, tailor-made for these times.

In 2023 we launched a brand-new, multi-year fellowship program, hosted the most extensive Inclusive SciComm Symposium ever, welcomed three new staff members, and began a new chapter in Metcalf’s evolution to best meet this urgent moment in history.





17training sessions on climate and environmental issues for journalists
60Institutional Collaborations
403Participants in public programs
In 25 years of training, Metcalf Institute has directly benefited more than 1,000 journalists, 1,400 scientists and engineers, and 800 other types of science communicators.
83training program presenters from diverse professions
1595All-time alumni of Metcalf Institute training
85%racial and ethnic diversity among 2023 Fellows