Impact Accelerator Fund

Thanks to a visionary philanthropic initiative that launched in June 2021, Metcalf Institute is making significant strides toward scaling up our impact.

The initiative, fittingly called the Impact Accelerator Fund (IAF), offers a 1:3 match from our anonymous lead donors toward a $1 million initiative to support capacity.

Thanks to the IAF and our generous donors, Metcalf and our partners at the URI Foundation & Alumni Engagement secured the services of Nina Gregory in January 2022. Nina is our first-ever dedicated Metcalf Institute development officer. Through Nina’s efforts in partnership with the foundation, our ambitious goal was to raise $4 for every $1 we have invested in development, thereby supporting our programmatic impact at a much greater level. We’re thrilled to share that we have already achieved this 4:1 return on investment within one year of Nina’s appointment.

As a result, we’re excited to share that our team and impact is expanding. We will hire an additional program staffer to support our inclusive science communication programs in 2023, and look forward to offering new training opportunities for local journalists.

To make a gift to the Impact Accelerator Fund, please contact Nina Gregory at

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