Emily Cribas



Dr. Emily Cribas is a first-generation Honduran American who completed her PhD at the University of Pennsylvania in September studying host immune-microbe interactions in the gut. In graduate school, she was heavily involved in DEI efforts as both a student leader for all graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds and an intern for the well-established Summer Undergraduate Internship Program (SUIP). Outside of school, she co-founded the Intercollegiate Psychedelics Network, a youth-led org fostering educational, research, and professional opportunities for students interested in psychedelics. Finally, she’s a volunteer for Fireside Project, a free psychedelic peer support line offering reflecting and active listening services, and is a student at SoundMind Institute, a certified psychedelic-assisted therapy training program.

She’s thrilled to be part of the Metcalf team and apply her skills in research, program development, community building, and interpersonal communication to her new role as Program Specialist. She looks forward to building on Metcalf’s success with the SCIP and ISCS programs and expanding our network around inclusive science communication and environmental science. In her free time, she enjoys trying and cooking all types of cuisines, playing with her two cats, and communing with nature and plant medicines.