Student Opportunities

Photo credit: University of Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island students play a vital role in helping Metcalf Institute reach its objectives and operate efficiently. Metcalf offers a variety of internship and employment opportunities that provide hands-on experience in a professional environment.

Students are engaged in marketing, database management, website design, promotion, recruitment, development, research, and science communication. Students also have the opportunity to interact with professional journalists and scientists at Metcalf Institute training programs and public lectures.

Communications Internship

The Metcalf Communications Internship for undergraduate students involves assisting staff in promoting Metcalf programs using our website, social media, news releases, videos, newsletters, and other promotional tools. Interns may also conduct research to inform Metcalf promotional activities. Graduate and undergraduate internships focusing on science writing are also available and may include drafting science backgrounders and writing stories about Metcalf science communication workshops and seminars.

Development Internship
The Metcalf Development Intern assists staff in researching and organizing potential fundraising opportunities in support of Metcalf programs and initiatives, including developing research criteria for various Metcalf funding needs, learning how to effectively use data management tools, using social media for development research and drafting research reports. The Development Intern will attend Metcalf Advisory Board meetings and some board committee meetings for the insider perspective on how non-profits work with volunteers to meet goals and objectives.

Student Employment
Metcalf offers several paid positions for students throughout the academic year and during the summer. Student employees conduct research, maintain and update Metcalf’s database, help staff prepare for workshops and seminars, and provide critical administrative support during Metcalf trainings and other events. Metcalf Institute employs a student webmaster with proficiency in web design and coding to update and maintain the Institute’s website.

For more information about internship and employment opportunities, email Katharine McDuffie, Metcalf Institute program director.