Science Communication Workshop: How to Stop Talking a Like a Scientist

July 17, 2017
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Metcalf Institute
Coastal Institute
Narragansett, RI

Scientist presentation
Metcalf Institute will hold a science communication workshop for graduate and undergraduate engineering students who are members of a grant-funded cohort under the National Science Foundation Research Traineeship.

Engaging high school students in science and engineering fields can spark their imaginations and help determine their career choices. Unfortunately, scientists seeking to share their expertise as mentors often speak a different, jargon-filled language that does not translate well to non-expert audiences.

The workshop will offer training to the participants in how to effectively share their background and research with high school students. Workshop participants are part of a joint project between researchers at the University of Rhode Island and University of Alabama in Huntsville designed to inspire minority high school students to pursue higher education and careers in science and engineering fields related to renewable energy development.

The workshop aims to give participants the tools and confidence to conduct seminars at Times2 Academy in Providence, Rhode Island, and Madison High School in Madison, Alabama.

Following a series of presentations on the fundamentals of science communication for high school students and other non-expert audiences, participants will apply what they have learned under the guidance of expert coaches by preparing and delivering short presentations on scientific topics.

This program is supported by the National Science Foundation Grant No. CBET 1508844.



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