Metcalf Releases Inclusive SciComm Starter Kit

Inclusive science communication, or ISC, upends the traditional approaches of science communication by centering the values of inclusion, equity, and intersectionality.

To help more science communication and informal learning practitioners and researchers apply the key traits of ISC in their work, Metcalf Institute and collaborators created a new “Inclusive Science Communication Starter Kit.”

The Starter Kit was developed as part of a conference grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) that supported the “knowledge-building” component of the 2019 Inclusive SciComm Symposium. The NSF grant supported development and analyses of focus groups held during the 2019 symposium and three surveys conducted before and after the event. The Kit summarizes symposium attendees’ insights about inclusive science communication and offers an introduction to ISC strategies and techniques. The document also describes strategies for facilitating difficult dialogues across difference, a key focus of the 2019 symposium.

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