2021 Annual Report

Photo features an auditorium filled with people looking toward a speaker. In the foreground a white woman sits on the stairway with her back against the wall, smiling. Her blonde hair is pulled back. She wears a blue long sleeved shirt and dark pants.

Dear Friends

2021 was a growth year for Metcalf Institute. Executive Director Sunshine Menezes offers her perspective and insights in her annual letter.                 

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A large room is filled with people sitting in small groups around tables. In the foreground is a Black man, bald with a goatee, wearing a blue denim shirt over a white tshirt. He is talking and gesturing with his hands while several other people listen.

2021 Programs

Check out our recent training, public events and the Inclusive SciComm Symposium. Each title on the list links to program pages and youtube videos.             

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335Total participation in 2021 training programs
220%Increase in registrations for Inclusive SciComm Symposium from 2019 to 2021
885Total participation in 2021 public programs

49Workshops organized in 2021
492YouTube subscribers
39Collaborations across institutions

A woman with long blond hair in a ponytail, wearing a bandana and foul weather overalls faces a man with short curly brown hair who wears sunglasses and a rain jacket. The woman holds a small crab that the man is gingerly taking from her. They both have broad smiles. They are standing on a boat. In the background you see the boat’s wake and a bridge.

FY2021 Supporters

Read about the individuals, foundations and agencies whose donations and grants helped to make our work possible in the 2021 fiscal year.                  

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