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Meet the Newest Metcalf Institute Advisory Board Members

Metcalf Institute is pleased to welcome Austin Becker, Manuela Zoninsein and Michael Oppenheimer to its Advisory Board. Each brings a wealth of relevant experience and expertise, including international leadership in science communication and climate change resilience and sustainability. Metcalf Advisory Board members will play a critical role as the Institute prepares to embark on a… [ Continue Reading ]

Spotlight on Metcalf Institute Alumni: Sonia Narang

Sonia Narang takes her audience deep into the Navajo Nation where water is scarce and drought conditions are severe. Her viewers experience real-life climate change impacts through the eyes of a Navajo grandmother carefully herding sheep on her drought-stricken farm. Narang’s 360 video camera brings her audience even closer to her subject, creating a sense… [ Continue Reading ]

Resources for Journalists and Scientists

    You’re a reporter covering the latest wildfire, oil spill, or zoning meeting and you’re seeking a better understanding of the science underlying the story your writing.  But it’s crunch time, and you need the information right away. Or maybe you’re a scientist preparing for a presentation, and you need quick access to effective… [ Continue Reading ]