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Spotlight on Metcalf Institute Alumni: Jeff Mosier

When Jeff Mosier plunged into his new environmental beat at The Dallas Morning News, he had 23-solid years of reporting under his belt. But even a veteran journalist can feel “a little lost” in new territory. “I could navigate my way around police departments, crime records, courtrooms, trials, and government, but I didn’t have a… [ Continue Reading ]

(Boston, MA) Jocelyn Herrera Lazo, 18, of Boston, poses for a portrait at Fenway Park where she works doing prep work at the concession stands during the Red Sox home games.  Gretchen Ertl for the New York Times

20th Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists

20th Annual Workshop | Application Information | Eligibility  Alumni | Lectures Review Complete Application Information and Click to Apply Do you have the knowledge and context to bring your news audience accurate, science-based stories about hurricanes, hazardous drought conditions, coastal storms, flooding and other extreme impacts caused by climate change? Would you like the tools, resources and… [ Continue Reading ]

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Resources for Journalists and Scientists

      You’re a reporter covering the latest wildfire, oil spill, or zoning meeting and you’re seeking a better understanding of the science underlying the story your writing.  But it’s crunch time, and you need the information right away. Or maybe you’re a scientist preparing for a presentation, and you need quick access to… [ Continue Reading ]