Annual Science Immersion Workshop For Journalists

I woke up every day excited to learn more and hear from a new round of experts. I have a better understanding of how to navigate scientific papers and relationships with scientists, and how to report on the climate.
Kyle Bagenstose, USA Today Network

Do you need a stronger scientific background to distinguish your reporting on climate change and other environmental issues? Are you looking for ways to more effectively translate scientific publications for your reporting? Would you like to build your confidence in discerning the credibility of scientific sources?

Metcalf Institute’s Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists is held each June at the University of Rhode Island. Ten journalists are awarded Workshop fellowships, which include tuition, room and board, and travel support, thanks to the generosity of private donors and Metcalf Institute’s endowment. Up to two of the ten slots are awarded to journalists based outside of the U.S.

About the Workshop
The Metcalf Institute Workshop provides journalists with hands-on experience and expertise from leading scientists, policymakers, and communicators who are working to project and measure the impacts of climate change, identify adaptation measures, and investigate the most effective and inclusive ways to communicate these challenges. Workshop topics are carefully selected to offer widespread relevance through local, regional, and national (U.S.) examples. 

As a result of participating in the Annual Science Immersion Workshop, Metcalf Fellows will:

    • Understand how academic scientists plan, fund, conduct, and publish their research
    • Be better prepared to understand and communicate scientific uncertainties
    • Be better prepared to translate scientific findings for news audiences
    • Recognize and understand the interactions between climate change, the environment, and society
    • Gain new sources and resources
    • Expand peer networks
    • Produce accurate and contextualized environmental reporting

Metcalf Alumni

Metcalf Institute has helped 1,000 journalists cover the environment with greater accuracy and nuance since its first program in 1999. Metcalf alumni represent all media types and a wide variety of large and small news organizations ranging from local and regional newspapers and broadcast outlets, to podcasts and other online-only outlets, to national/international outlets including NBC News, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, Reuters, National Geographic, Univision, Mother Jones, Marketplace, Politico, Science News Magazine, PBS NewsHour, and more. Metcalf Institute alumni hail from the U.S. and around the world, including Pakistan, Brazil, Nigeria, Egypt, the United Kingdom, Colombia, China, and Australia.

“This experience has changed my entire outlook on covering the environment and climate science. I may have only been in Rhode Island for a week, but the tools I gained during my Metcalf fellowship will stay with me for the entirety of my career.”       
-Tony Briscoe, ProPublica reporter, 2018 Annual Workshop alumnus

“It was a great opportunity to stop and learn about the beat. I feel like it added a year of experience in my understanding of coastal and environmental issues.”
-Chloe Johnson, The Post & Courier reporter, 2019 Annual Workshop alumna

Note for journalists applying from outside of the U.S.
While the Workshop addresses environmental topics of global significance, it focuses on U.S. case studies and a U.S. perspective on environmental policies. Metcalf Institute receives applications from journalists worldwide. However, due to the U.S. focus of the program, a maximum of two fellowship seats are reserved for journalists based outside of the U.S.

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